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Hatch Market lets you experience the joy and anticipation of creating and hatching a new life. It's a unique game set in the world of Kraps Ait which contain 4 unlockable region. You hatch. You incubate. You collect. You spread. You rule. Repeat the cycle! Grow your world by hatching and collecting monster characters.

Get a pair of characters that complete each other to earn coins and explore many secret ways to increase their lifespan. As part of our creator's promise, Hatch Market will donate and make contributions to the society for each egg you hatch. So make a difference and create an impact on the life of the less fortunate by joining our game! It's a win-win solution!

Download for free and play on, Hatchers!


Orodocus Keychain

IDR. 80.000

* Free Shippment

Size : 2 x 1 x 4 cm (W x L x H)
Material : Acrylic Porcelain

Orodocus Doll

IDR. 100.000

* Free Shippment

Size : 20 x 12 x 20 cm (W x L x H)
Material : 100% Polyester

Hatcher Life Cycle

Enter Egg Code

Get your eggcodes from any social media account or other hatchers and enter them into your game to start playing

Hatch 'Em

After receiving your eggs, hatch them with your preferred incubator. You can choose from 5 different incubator to get unique monsters

Spread 'Em

A good hatcher will share their egg code with other hatchers. Spread them through your social media accounts as frequent as you can to increase your chance to collect more coins

Claim Reward

Collect coins from Farming and Spreading eggcode as frequent as you can ! Claim your reward by exchanging your coins with many choice of prizes


Farming Wood, Stone, and Gold with your monster and collect as many coins as possible

Repeat From First Step


Hatch Market is a casual mobile game for IOS and Android. At Hatch Market, you are invited to collect as many monsters as possible to rack up coins and spread your monsters' code to various social media or other hatchers.

Egg code is a code that is unique to each monsters. It is made up of 8 alphanumeric digit or QR code and will be converted into an egg if you input it in the game.

Egg code can be obtained through social media such as Facebook, twitter, instagram and etc. by searching for the hashtag #hatchmarket or sharing them directly with other hatchers around you.

You can only use the same egg code once. But the same code can be used by more than one users.

Unfortunately, you can’t use your own egg code. Come on, don’t be stingy and spread them codes around!

To socialise with other hatchers of course! Sharing is caring isn’t it? Let’s succeed together by sharing our egg codes and use our social media for useful things!

Your egg code will not expire as long as your monster is still alive.

Monster? Monsters are your friends to help you collect coins in Hatch Market!

You can ask them to farm coins for you, relieve your stress or have a chat with them

You can use items provided to prolong their lives such as Mystical Potion, Special Syringe, Normal Pellet

You can exchange them with lots of prizes. Moreover, the highlight of the prize is pure gold with real certificate! So what are you waiting for? Let’s play Hatch Market and win real gold!


Don't miss your reward
Track your eggcode here